Joyce Stenneke
Animator | Artist
My love for drawing and colourful imaginative stories, like comics and animation started when I was very young.
Growing up, I decided I wanted to make these stories myself. After starting out in graphic design, I decided to follow my heart and study animation at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU). After graduating in 2009 I started working as a freelance animator, animation artist and storyboard artist.

 I create narrative animation, such as (children's)series, explainimations, animated children’s books, commercials,
social media videos, feature character animation, music videos and short films etc. and create animation art, illustrations and paintings for both personal and commercial purposes.

For the production of animation I work both independently, as well as in collaboration with other animators,
studios and animation producers. I especially enjoy working in feature animation and animated television series.

Clients I’ve worked for include: Submarine Animation,
Richard Linklater, TED-Ed, Mattel Creations, HIT Entertainment, Woezel & Pip (Woolly and Pip, Dromenjager Media), BosBros Productions, Stichting Halt, ABN AMRO, Rijksoverheid (The Dutch Government), ANWB, The Drawing Room, Erik van Schaaik Productions, RocknRoll Animation, Leo de Wijs Visual Productions, Patrick Raats Animation, Hisko Hulsing, Studio Pupil, il Luster Productions, Marlies van der Wel, Peace Palace (ICJ and PCA/ Carnegie Foundation), NKI (Netherlands Cancer Institute).

Please feel free to contact me for more information.
Contact: info[at]
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands.
KVK: 30271196

Specialties: 2D character animation, animation art, animation direction, illustration, storyboards, 
concept development, editing.

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