Clean-up, Ink & Paint for Pathé Ultrakort Cinema (2019).
Grumpy teen Nora and her brother are going to see a movie at the Pathé Tuschinski, but the experience is quite different than expected ... Cinema will be screened before Maleficent 2 at Dutch Pathé Cinemas, Oktober 18th 2019. Click here to view the ultrashort trailer ! (facebook link)
Credits: Direction and screenplay: Merel Hamers, Producer: Bart Maalderink Productions, Layout, Colorscript, Background: Stein Louisse, Modelsheets, Compositing: Ben Vinkenburg, Character Animation: Ruben Zaalberg, 3Dmodeling: Stefan Kwint, Effect Animation: Thijs Viegers
Voice actors: Faas weijers, Michelle smit, Music: Mari-anne Hof, Soundeffects en Foley: Robert Jung (DreikelVin), Voice Recording Studio: Studio Xander, Studio Audio Mastering: Jeroen Nadorp (Bobkommer studio).
Joyce | Enjoyanimation was responsible for clean-up, ink and coloring.
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