Peace Palace –  Iron Rhine (English voice-over), Duration: 01:12 min.
 RocknRoll created for the new Peace Palace museum. Each animation highlights a real-life dispute, submitted to the ICJ and PCA. The animations are meant to give visiting tourists a better understanding of the function and structure of both courts. RocknRoll was responsible for the entire production, from concept to final film.
Joyce | Enjoyanimation was responsible for: character design and development, 2D character animation.

Client: Christine Uringa - ICJ and PCA/ Carnegie Foundation
Production: Jiek Weishut - The Drawing Room
Concept, Art and Direction: Gatze Zonneveld - RocknRoll Animation
Music & Sound-design: Ronnie van der Veer
Peace Palace –  Paper Factory's (English voice-over). Duration: 01:08 min.
Peace Palace – NuclearWeapons (Dutch voice-over). Duration: 01:07 min.
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