Duration: 3:47min. Please visit the following link for a showreel breakdown list. In this list you can find a description of my role on the productions that are represented in this showreel.
Animation productions I’ve worked on, but which are not included in my showreel;
In 2021 I worked as an archival shots artist and animator on the animated feature
Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood, directed and written by Richard Linklater.
An innovative hybrid of live-action, and a combination of hand drawn and computer-animated feature film. Together with a small talented international team of artists we’ve worked on animation style frames, backgrounds and additional animations for the archival shots in the film at the Submarine Animation Studio, Amsterdam. You can view the Netflix trailer at the following link.
In 2007 I’ve worked as an animation assistant on Hisko Hulsing’s independent animation Junkyard. Hisko Hulsing: www.hiskohulsing.com. View Junkyard the film.
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