In 2021 I finished up my work as a clean-up artist for the lovely and super cute 2d animated feature Best Birthday Ever. It was an extremely lovely experience to work on such a happy and sweet movie during the unusual times of lock-downs. For the animation clean-up I’ve worked together with a small team of talented artists. It was a new experience working from the Submarine Animation Studio in Amsterdam and mostly remotely from my own small home-studio in Utrecht.
Joyce | Enjoyanimation was responsible for animation clean-up (as part of a small team) and training of new clean-up artists.
Best Birthday Ever is a feature length animation film based on the famous book series Karlchen (aka Little Charlie) by the renowned German author Rotraut Susanne Berner, about the small rabbit youngster Little Charlie who lives with his parents, mother and father Nicholl, and their pets Chicken and Cookie in a house at the edge of town. Little Charlie is used to having his parents’ full attention, but that changes when his baby sister Clara is born.

Length: 70 min
Target: audience Pre-school
Release: 2021
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